Personal Privacy Violation

When we enjoy the convenience and speed brought by the network, we will not consider its harm, unless he has threatened you in the field. In my daily life, I have deeply felt the personal privacy violation, such as online shopping, when you browse through some things, the network will automatically recommend similar things for you. More serious, if you are an international student, I believe that there is a high probability that you have the similar experiences with me. I have received a fraudulent phone call from the “embassy”. The criminals pretend to be embassy staffs claim that I was participated in the cross-border money laundering case or similar incidents, they can not only say my name, domestic ID number, mobile phone number, even know where I am, the name of the parents, this time, I realized that my information leaked completely. It’s a terrible thing, because they have such detailed personal information, it will lead some students to be deceived. It is precisely because of the problem of information leakage that these lawless elements can only take advantage of it. (The funny thing is that even if we have already seen their tricks, these people will still call the same mobile phone number several times.) When I watched the two videos on the Internet, I was shocked to realize the severity of the personal privacy violation. In the first video horror pizza, when the clerk connected the system, he knew everything about Mr. Kelly, including address, mobile phone, work address, health status, credit card usage record, and even his wife’s personal information, the network being able to discover all the personal information of people, and it not only knows all of our personal information, it also monitors us all the time, he knows everything we do. In the second video, even if we only surfed the Internet for ten minutes, I would be very scared if there were various unknown sites that tracked us without our permission. It is worth mentioning that “The internet is increasing a privately-owned public space. On April 3, 2017, Donald Trump signed into law a bill overturning Obama-era protections for internet users. The new law permits Internet Service Providers (ISPs ) to access, without permission, data about our internet use patterns — from the sites we visit to the search terms we use and the data isn’t restricted to the work we do on computers ”(Morris & Stommel, 2018). Personally, I think this poses a threat to online security and can condone such large-scale monitoring behavior. This is terrible for ordinary people. I also thought of the Snowden incident and the electronic surveillance program implemented by the National Security Agency. People can be monitored and shocked by emails, voice chats, photos, video network materials and various details. I believe that the violation of personal information on the Internet is a disrespect for people. People will have no secrets and will be controlled by all kinds of profitable people.

Morris, S. M., & Stommel, J. (2018). A Guide for Resisting Edtech: The Case Against Turnitin. An Urgency of Teachers. Retrieved from:

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